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Sunday, September 30, 2007

like the sun on my face

A warm glow was everywhere this week, as we all finally began to live scheduled lives again. Don't get me wrong--a month of free time was a welcome thing, but it's nice to wake up in the morning and know what happens next. It was weird to go back to school though. Even though I've been teaching for four years, and I was prepared for some things (like how much of a disaster most 18-year-olds are), returning as a student again was still a strange feeling. But strange in a good way, like the first time you eat something truly new.

Posts all over the place this week--the ubiquitous (albeit cute) photos of Roosevelt (video this time too) lead the pack, like always, but also two posts in MEGO, one in California Scheming, and--believe it or not--even one over at Punk Planet, which actually expands on the previous paragraph here and talks about, among other things, burning my hand on a soldering iron.

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