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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Well, that's settled

Finally feeling settled in our cabin in the woods; the runs to Target have fallen into an every-other day routine, instead of an every-other hour fiasco. Getting our bearings in this new area we call home--an area so concentrated with wealth and extravagance that every corner you turn gives a new reason to gape anew. Every corner also gives you a new reason to remember just how little you fit in, with your worn shoes, dirty car, and screaming child.

Much of the blog action fell on the shoulders of young Roosevelt this week, with 1-800-Roosevelt seeing multiple updates a day thanks in part to learning how to hook my cell phone up to the blog--all sorts of excitement just floats right in out of the air now. My Eyes Glaze Over also saw an update this week, a brief discussion of the New York Times decision to end TimesSelect. And California Scheming also got some love, with a couple new Craigslist ads, including one racist children's book for sale.

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