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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Back from Hell

So it may not have been a great Run DMC album (RIP Jam Master Jay), but it's certainly how I'm feeling: finally free of the cold that has dogged me for a month, finally free from the houseguests that have brought (welcome) distraction, finally free from the lurking feeling of not belonging here, I'm now able to focus on work, on family, and on building a life (albeit a temporary one). At least, that's how it feels tonight. Cross your fingers for continued health and clarity of mind.

Lots of new stuff, starting with some housecleaning on this site. A couple ancient bits of writing are off the main page, now in a new sidebar called "where I used to write." Let's face it, those letters to Bush aren't coming back, and I never did find a reason to enjoy Twitter, so those two are confined to the electronic dustbin. Or something.

New writing in My Eyes Glaze Over and in Punk Planet. New photos, as always, in 1-800-Roosevelt. A new Geek Tour is formulating in my head, don't you worry. But Craigslist has gotten worryingly bland--I'm sure the start of holiday shopping will change all that--so don't hold your breath on a new California Scheming in the next week.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Houseguests and Blogs don't mix

A seemingly endless stream of out-of-town guests has made it so not much blogging has gotten done lately. Sure it's wonderful to see friends and family, but don't they know there's work to be done! I mean, those jokes about Craigslist ads aren't just going to write themselves, are they? Who's going to do a Geek Tour when you're driving folks down to Half Moon Bay every week? It's a hard knock life I'm leading right now, I know.

The only update of note is in MEGO, which has a lengthy discussion of Amazon's new Kindle e-book. Also lots of new pictures of my son in 1-800-Roosevelt, as always. Also of note, the always reliable Paul Davis drops the bomb on Razor over in the Battlestar Galactica blog, What the Frakk, additional comments by yours truly. Once this holiday week is up, things return to normalcy for a while so hopefully more updates then!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Things change, seasons don't

There must be some other method for judging the passage of time out here in California, because the usual weather-related cues aren't cutting it. Somehow we've wandered into November with the same gauzy glow that has accompanied August, September, and October. While 70 and sunny is no reason to complain--and please don't interpret this as such--it's still disconcerting to not be able to look out the window and say, "Ah, fall."

Plenty of new writing: The death of a visionary celebrated at Punk Planet, a brief look at Google's OpenSocial in MEGO, plenty of cuteness (including halloween--don't miss the whale costume) in 1-800-Roosevelt, and a couple new ads in California Scheming. Enjoy!

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