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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Things change, seasons don't

There must be some other method for judging the passage of time out here in California, because the usual weather-related cues aren't cutting it. Somehow we've wandered into November with the same gauzy glow that has accompanied August, September, and October. While 70 and sunny is no reason to complain--and please don't interpret this as such--it's still disconcerting to not be able to look out the window and say, "Ah, fall."

Plenty of new writing: The death of a visionary celebrated at Punk Planet, a brief look at Google's OpenSocial in MEGO, plenty of cuteness (including halloween--don't miss the whale costume) in 1-800-Roosevelt, and a couple new ads in California Scheming. Enjoy!

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Paul M. Davis said...

You think not having any seasons is weird? Try growing up in a state with no seasons and moving directly into a Chicago winter! As we say in the 831, "not too killer".

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