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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Houseguests and Blogs don't mix

A seemingly endless stream of out-of-town guests has made it so not much blogging has gotten done lately. Sure it's wonderful to see friends and family, but don't they know there's work to be done! I mean, those jokes about Craigslist ads aren't just going to write themselves, are they? Who's going to do a Geek Tour when you're driving folks down to Half Moon Bay every week? It's a hard knock life I'm leading right now, I know.

The only update of note is in MEGO, which has a lengthy discussion of Amazon's new Kindle e-book. Also lots of new pictures of my son in 1-800-Roosevelt, as always. Also of note, the always reliable Paul Davis drops the bomb on Razor over in the Battlestar Galactica blog, What the Frakk, additional comments by yours truly. Once this holiday week is up, things return to normalcy for a while so hopefully more updates then!

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