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Saturday, June 9, 2007

a week away = a week blogging!

We've moved the show out to the suburbs for the week to get a break from the routine. The change of venue brought with it a change of attitude and all sorts of new blog posts! In my Punk Planet blog, I talk about the din of the cicadas and how it's so different than the sounds of the city. In MEGO, I write about the continuing specter of Ron Burkle, cross post to a Punk Planet entry, and comment on someone else's quantification of the changing state of print. In 1-800-Roosevelt, you're treated to a rousing rendition of "The Cream Song," and more pontificating about cicadas. Enjoy!

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Lindsay said...

Hey! Thanks so much for posting our call for zines on the Punk Planet blog. We much appreciate it!

~Lindsay & The Neo-Futurists

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